Our Future:
Our Coton journey began with Windy and shortly after, followed by Ryder. Windy and Ryder are both Malagasy Cotons and
registered with the CTCA breed club; the oldest and largest breed club of Coton de Tulear.

Our original intentions, under the mentoring guidance of the CTCA, was to have 2 litters and maybe keep a puppy from one of
them.  After our 2nd litter, I realized I was in this for the long haul and made the commitment to learn all that I could about
animal husbandry and to thoroughly understand our breed standard and structure.  

I started building my library and attended seminars on breeding, structure and genetics.  This new passion became a full time
endeavour for me and I loved all that I was learning.  I also quickly realized that this education wasn't something that would
have an end.  I believe that's one of the reasons I have dived in as deeply as I have; you can never know enough and bringing
these precious little Cotons into the world is both a science and an art. The big plus though, is when I place that puppy in their
new owners arms. It truly doesn't get any better than that.

This need to learn and marvel, created the same passion I found when I first began working with plants. It's science and nature
that gives them substance but pruning or shaping that gives them character.  My husband and I own a nursery farm in Boring,
www.jayceenewman.com; our speciality is rare and unusual specimen plants.  I guess it's no surprise that I found
myself involved in the rare and unusual dog breed:  Malagasy Coton de Tulear.
Our Beginning:
Windy & Ryder have had 4 litters together. We made the decision to neuter Ryder because we didn't want to chance an
accidental breeding with his daughter Sweets and we have frozen his sperm for future use.  Windy & Ryder together have
produced some exceptional puppies that will carry on the remarkable Coton traits & their outstanding temperament; benefiting
future generations of Malagasy Coton de Tulear. Our goal at Columbia Gorge Cotons, is to produce pups that exhibit the fun
loving Coton qualities that families expect and to provide potentially breedable puppies that will contribute in keeping the
Malagasy Coton de Tulear genetically healthy and in preserving our rare breed.  Windy & Ryder have accomplished this and
we proudly pass the torch on to their offspring.  

From our first litter, we have Zephyr, who has sired a few litters and is owned by breeder Kelli Paris from
Cotons on the

Our second litter produced
Scout. Scout's family lives nearby us in Oregon and asked if we would like to add her to our
breeding program; so we could continue what we've begun. This became a pivotal point for us in our commitment to this
wonderful breed.

The other defining moment was when we helped friends of ours acquire a boy coton that we would have access to.  That's
Columbia Gorge's Wolf of Dodgeville Cotons, a black & white Malagasy Coton, became our new stud dog.

Our third litter produced a black & white female that we kept and named, Riding a Sweet Wind, we call her
Sweets.  She has   
passed her health tests and will be bred in 2012.  Her litter mate Pierre, who lives in Texas, is a potentially breedable tricolor
male. If Pierre passes his health exams, his family will become a CTCA code of ethics breeder and will offer Pierre for stud
service to approved CTCA registered females.

We are so proud of Windy & Ryder's offspring.  They are all with wonderful families and are perfect little ambassadors of our
breed.  Some have traveled to other countries, one is a therapy dog for a hospice, another has sired babies of his own and
more hope to follow.  All of them have made our life richer and our family bigger.

With the addition of Scout & Wolf, and our own little girl Sweets, we hope to continue to produce 1 or 2 litters a year and
provide others with the special love that a Coton brings.

We look forward to this journey we have chosen and the Coton Family we are growing.

Most Sincerely,

Debbie & Jaycee Newman
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Scout of Columbia Gorge Cotons a black and white malagasy coton
Scout Echo Nala D'Alize of Columbia Gorge Cotons
Columbia Gorge's Wolf of Dodgeville Cotons
** Puppies **
born Nov 14
Riding a Sweet Wind of Columbia Gorge Cotons
Columbia Gorge(ous)
Malagasy Cotons of Arizona
Sweets & Tango had 3 boys born Nov 14, 2012

Danny, Cory & Chuck

named after the lead singers of the band
Three Dog Night

Riding a Sweet Wind
Columbia Gorge

Tango of Commack