Scout Echo Nala D' Alize of Columbia Gorge Cotons
A black & white female Malagasy Coton that is CTCA registered and has passed all her health tests.

Scout lives in Portland, OR with our good friends The Szlovak Family.
Scout did produce 2 males, Ranger & Boo, that haved passed their required health exams at one year of age and are now CTCA stud dogs. Ranger
lives in Goodyear, AZ and Boo lives in Portland, OR.

Height:  10.5"     Length:  12.5"    Weight:  9.6 lbs   Tail:  Curled   DOB:  April 25, 2009
Sire:  Columbia Gorge's Wind Ryder of Vandayburgs Southern Cotons
Dam:   Columbia Gorge's  Wind Junki of Vista Ridge Cotons
Scout hanging with her canine house mates
Scout looking like her Mama Windy
Photo taken Feb 2011
Photo taken Feb 2011
Photo taken Feb 2011
Photo taken Feb 2011
Photo taken Feb 2011
Scout hanging with
the boys.
6 months old
11 months old
Scout looking like her Daddy Ryder
Photo taken Feb 2011
All her puppies are at their forever homes but you can still view the litters photos and blog
To visit Scout's Puppy Blog  click here  to view her litter's weekly photos click here
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